Release is now available

  • The XML Text Viewer selects now the nodes correctly, if they are selected in the table editor/tree editor/XML editor. This just works, when the XML Text Viewer is set to synchronized, which is set by default.
  • Last patch caused a bug, where the XSD validator couldn't found the XML files, if the path contained blank character. This issue has been fixed.

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Release is now available

  • For publishing the XML schema the schema locations can be set to relative path for cutting the internal paths. This is possible over the UI and terminal.
  • The XML schema validator can handle now relative schema location paths.
  • Save status are now correctly shown, when multiple schemas are open in the editor.
  • Save all does not save anymore the schemas in the dependency node.
  • XML namespace editor caused an exception, when entries were added and deleted.
  • Manual updated.

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Issues with sending the license file automatically.

  • In the last week/weeks the license file and e-mail couldn't be sent automatically to the customers. This issue should be fixed now. Independently from this issue, rarely the license file and e-mail cannot be send automatically, this will be tracked now.


XMLSeed XML Suite

XMLSeed is primarily intended for creating XML schemas. This is supported by the generation of Graphs with UML edges, by generating a schema documentation, by validating the schema, by validating XML files against the schema, and not at least because of the Tree Editor GUI and the Graph Editor GUI. The schema can be transformed in C++ and Java code, with the help of the Code Generator and in SQL (DDL) with the help of the SQL converter.


  • low cost, powerful XML schema and XML editor (49 EUR)
  • no risk with the 30 day full functional trial version, which will be sent immediately after registration | Go to the quick registration
  • continous development "A finished project is a dead project."
  • new features for a certain release (e.g. professional, standard) are freely available for customers
  • powerful Code Generator can save a lot of money,
    BRE (Build-Run-Environment) give you a start advantage
    and prevent stucking with in the build process
  • no hidden code, no libraries, all the generated codes are visible
  • tree represantation instead of a text representation
  • graph editor give you a better overview
  • Four different graph editor representations: Phisical Editor, Logical Editor, Attribute-based Editor and the most abstract Element-based Editor.
  • the powerful Graph Generator with filter functions enable a simplified view
    of extremly complex XML schemas, helps you to present or understand a complex,
    bad written or generated XML schema (e.g. generated from UML)
  • convert the XML schema to SQL DDL (Data-Definition-Language),
    which enable database tools to generate a database
  • unique Regular Expression Designer for value restriction
  • improve your XML schema with the XML Editor and XML Sample Generator
  • runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, but can also run on another OS with JRE support

What is the XML Schema?

An XML schema describes the categorization of an artifact. The description of a person has different attributes to the police and in the email registration. A valid written schema should preferably not include any redundant data. Therefore, the description in the email registration does not include the police clearance certificate. In principle, an XML schema is a description optimized for a particular purpose.

The following example shows the XML schema for the first XML example. The schema specifies that the 'vehicles' is a container for 'car's. A car may have two attributes, the name and color. The name can be any xs:string and the color can be either red or green or blue.